Stories of people inspired by World of Wonder to change their life.

From a driver to entrepreneur

"From a driver to an Entrepreneur being a driver was by no means, what I wanted. All I could think was how to start something on my own. Until I have been, introduce with World of Wonder, where everybody has an equal opportunity to create a business. Therefore, I decided I wanted to explore it further."


I decided to switch over to WONDERcall

"I heard about WONDERcall from my family members and decided to switch over to WONDERcall as so I could make a call to my family in India with low call rates. The fact is that I could make calls to anyone in around the world with no roaming charges is fantastic. Now I can save a lot of money with my phone bill."


Now I can stay connected with my family without worrying about long distance calling

"I am working in Malaysia and my family is in Bangladesh. Before I used this app I spend a lot of money to call my family. I heard about WONDERcall that provides low call rates for international call, so I decided to start to enroll. Now I can stay connected with my family without worrying about the charges."


I am not only saving money but growing a business

"Since I started using WONDERcall, I am not only saving money but also growing a business. I can make many international calls at an affordable cost and keep connecting with them wherever or whenever I want. Thank you, WONDERcall."


Since I started using WONDERcall, I’ve seen an increase in my productivity

"My work needs me to travel a lot and I must keep contact with my family. Since I started using WONDERcall, I have seen a reduction in my phone bill. I can call anyone throughout the world with low call rates."


Now a new career at 50 has lead me to a financial freedom

"From a young age, most of us get good education, get a job and continue along that path for 40 years until retirement or death. That is the classical life for all of us. Then I decided to move from this line of thinking. I changed my career and grab World of Wonder opportunity. Now at 50, I could see an opportunity for me to do something as a retirement plan."


It’s so simple and easy to use

"My friend convinced me to use WONDERcall after talking about this product. All I wanted is good service and low call rates. Once I download and I started to call. It’s so simple and easy to use. The apps also provide the call rates price for all over the country. It was a good apps!"


Great app!

"I’ve fall in love with this app and using it for almost a year now. WONDERcall helps me stay connected with my family and friends around the world. Even I can use this application to make a call using my computers or tablet. Thank for this great app!"


I never imagine becoming who I am now

"Thank you World of Wonder, you have created for us the perfect platform to do global business and the opportunity to change my life. With this platform, I can see myself achieving my financial freedom in less than a year."


My motivation wanted to be there for my family

"At the time when I was working in the retail sector so there was no time for family. My weekends was never my own. My motivation wanted to be there for my family. Promoting WONDERcall to help other save money and making money at the same time makes the business an easy to approach business. Now my part time business is helping me earn the extras for me and my family."